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We manage every stage of a building project, from the first possibility of a new venture through to ongoing customer support for years after the purchase of a new commercial space or home.

That means we cover the logistics and legalities of pre-construction, the coordination and workflow of construction management, and the warranty requirements and audit reports of the occupancy phase.

In short, our attention to detail guarantees exceptional quality and enduring value. From the architect to the engineer to the electrician who wires your home and installer who lays your tile, our full-service approach means you get the best.


Assembling and deploying the best team to launch a new project

We earn our reputation for excellence at every service level, beginning with the preliminary legwork required well before construction begins. This is the stage of feasibility studies, preliminary designs and the shaping of the project team, who will oversee every detail from start to finish. This is also when the scope of work and deliverables are defined, planning and scheduling begins, and budgeting and financing are established. Of course, securing the best construction trades and highest-quality materials also happens now.

All of the work of this stage is largely invisible to most people. But even more important than the steel beams and concrete foundation of every building is the team of experts working behind the scenes to make it all possible. When this phase is complete, we are ready to launch the most efficient and cost-effective construction process possible.

Construction Management

Constructing distinctive buildings with new heights of quality control

Construction is underway when the project becomes visible. Excavation equipment, towering cranes and hard-hatted experts appear on site and a new structure slowly emerges. This is also when construction management begins, which focuses on directing and coordinating the people and resources required to complete the project based on the defined scope, cost, time and quality.

The project is continually monitored and evaluated as it progresses. Each element is carefully coordinated. Changes are identified and implemented to ensure the least impact on cost and time. Quality assurance is undertaken at every step. Eventually, physical construction is completed and we begin to close the project. That means applying for occupancy permits, registering the project, and transferring the units to new owners.

After-Sales Service

Providing exceptional service and support our customers deserve

At every stage of a project, we continually strive to do more and get better. After-sales service is no exception. We work with a Tarion-assigned general administrator to manage all of the details of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, which provides an established process for addressing any deficiencies identified by customers that require correction. We also follow up after the first and second year of a newly-built project with Performance Audit Reports. At this stage, sub-contractors are called in to address any remaining deficiencies before the engineering firm assigned to the project signs off its final handover.

Above and beyond the legal protections, we provide personalized support to every customer. Our service team works hard to ensure that every new commercial client or homeowner is excited to widely share the good news of how well their home or commercial unit was built by Life.