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Pavilia Towers

Standing proudly above the rest, the two remarkable buildings of Pavilia Towers reach up into the sky a full 41 and 38 storeys. That means our extraordinary views stretch out to the horizon, sunsets linger longer and the first rays of the morning sun touch Pavilia Towers while the rest of the city is still asleep. Tall, graceful, stately and elegant, this is the very pinnacle of living.


Hwy 7 & South Park Road, Thornhill


Under Construction

Tentative Completion Date

Q4 2023*


Icke Brochu Architects Inc.




Schollen & Company Inc.




High-Rise Residential

Construction Update

As of February 2023

At Pavilia Towers, construction continues at a fast pace. Building A forming has been completed, tower crane removed, and window installations completed with the focus now turning to final in-suite installations, painting, and final finishes on upper level floors. Owners and tenants on lower floors have already begun moving in, with our designated leasing agent T2 Condo Rentals already leasing out 89 units to date. Suite electrical and mechanical rough-ins have reached the Lower Penthouse floor and interior and exterior walls have been completed. Building B forming has been completed as well as precast, except for the hoist units, with a focus now turning to in-suite electrical, mechanical and drywall installations. Occupancy of Building A commenced in the Fall of 2022, and is on-going. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay up-to-date and learn more about these and other upcoming projects.

Building A

  • Forming completed and tower crane removed
  • Precast completed
  • Mechanical and electrical in slab rough ins completed
  • Suites mechanical and electrical rough ins completed
  • Interior and Exterior drywall completed
  • Window installation completed
  • Progress for hard landscaping stands at 90%
  • 89 units leased through T2 Condo Rentals

Building B

  • Forming completed and tower crane removed
  • Precast completed other than hoist units
  • Mechanical and electrical in slab rough ins completed
  • Suites mechanical and electrical rough ins at 18th floor
  • Interior drywall at 16th floor
  • Exterior drywall complete
  • Window Installation completed except hoist units

*The completion dates above are estimates only, subject to change from time to time by the vendor without notice, and the vendor makes no representations or warranties with respect to the completion of the project except as set out in a fully executed Agreement of Purchase and sale. No such estimate shall amend or modify the Statement of Critical Dates provided in any Agreement of Purchase and Sale which shall be deemed conclusive of any obligation relating to the completion timeline of the project. Please consult a sales representative for more details.


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